2014 Meet the Candidates Event

Candidate RSVP details for the April 23rd Meet the Candidates event at Central Penn College (map) 7:00 to 9:30pm. More event details


  • Rob McCord - RSVP status pending
  • Kathleen McGinty - A representative of Kathleen McGinty (TJ Rooney, Campaign Manager) will attend.
  • Allyson Schwartz - RSVP status pending
  • Tom Wolf - A representative of Tom Wolf (Brendan Murray, Field Organizer) will attend.

Lt. Governor

  • Mike Stack - A representative of Mike Stack (Jim Hertzler, County Commissioner) will attend.
  • Mark Critz - RSVP status pending
  • Brad Koplinski - RSVP status pending
  • Mark Smith - Declined
  • Brandon Neuman - RSVP status pending

Meeting Dates

The East Penn Democratic Club generally meets at 7pm the 4th Wednesday of each month. Exact meeting details will be provided over email. Join our free mailing list to get this information and stay up to date with party activities.

The email mailing list sign-up form is also on left navigation bar of this site... and again, it's free.

Full-Day Kindergarten is under review and that's on top of a long list of accomplishiments

Kudos to our newly elected Democratic School Board members for moving quickly to understand and vote on many important issues. The current issue is reinstating full-day kindergarten and a letter was sent home with students recently announcing this possibility. See attached.

Although there are many factors to consider... it's good to know we have so many strong leaders on the Board who are determined to do what's best for our students and community.

It has only been a little more than two months since our newly elected Democratic School Directors took office and there are already are long list accomplishments:

  • Board members have their individual email addresses posted on the District website
  • Created a Revenue Generation and Cost Reduction Committee
  • Board agenda is now posted online a minimum of 2 days prior to the Board meeting
  • Kept the Trimester schedule in place at the high school
  • Promoted the Assistant Superintendent to Superintendent

Democratic Township Commissioners take steps to collect money that is owed, up to 1 million dollars!

Kudos to our newly elected Democratic Township Commissioners for taking steps to collect up to 1 million dollars of money owed!


Statement of Jim Hertzler - voting "no" on County Resolution #2014-7

3/3/14 Statement of Cumberland County Commissioner Jim Hertzler in voting "no" on Cumberland County Resolution # 2014-7

While I have supported many of the proposals advanced by my colleague, Commissioner Cross, and she mine, in a true bipartisan and non-partisan fashion in the best interests of moving our county forward, this is one where I have to respectfully disagree and will be voting no.

Petition Signing Pizza Party

Tuesday March 4th

New School Board follows through on their promise to put the community first!

Kudos to our new Board members for following through on their promise to put the Community First.

Thursday was the vote to keep the trimester schedule at the high school... and we're happy to say that's exactly what they did. Isn't it refreshing when people keep their promises?

Our newly elected Board members have logged countless hours considering the pros and cons of this issue. They listened to educators, students and taxpayers. Many taxpayers urged the board to keep trimesters in place, and pay for this more expensive option with tax dollars. The response was overwhelming. Again, trimesters will remain... just like the community wanted. Community First.

Congratulations John Bosha

John Bosha has been appointed to School Board! The EP Democratic Club is thrilled about the Board choosing such a qualified candidate to fill this two-year vacancy.

It's always great when the Board chooses someone who has run for the School Board office in the past. John was a candidate just a few short years ago. Learn more about John.

We're looking forward to John's contributions to our District and our community!

Congratulations John!

John being sworn into office by District Justice Doughtery

New Township Board brings back experienced advisor

We're thrilled about the Township Commissioner's decision to hire attorney Henry Coyne.

Mr. Coyne has decades of municipal experience and has served as our Township Lawyer for many, many years!

The previous lawyer, Mr. Curcillo, was hired by the former republican majority board four years ago and stepped down last month (Dec 2013). At the time he was hired, he had ZERO municipal experience*. None. Zip. Zero. Ziltch. Nada.

Again, we're thrilled our new Board chose to put someone with this much experience in this critical position.

"I want this Board to be open."

Commissioner John Kuntzelman said something really great at the Jan 6 2014 Township meeting:

  • "I want this Board to be open..." and
  • "I encourage other Board members to attend as many community events as possible."

Other Board members at this meeting seemed to agree.

This. This right here!

We're glad the "community first" campaign message is something that is actually happening and is happening on day-one. That's great news. Great news indeed.

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